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Auto Windows Tinting Denver

Auto / August 28, 2020

2201 S Parker Rd
Denver, CO 80231
(303) 751-9310

Adrian did a great job. They took my car in near the end of the day and were able to get it finished even though they were closed. Great service!

These guys are great. Super helpful. They've done two cars for me and absolutely know what they're doing. Don't go anywhere else.

In the past, I have taken my car to other tint places to use a $100 tint Groupon and had better results than Denver Window Tint. I have absolutely no idea how they have such good ratings. I had two vehicles tinted. Both look like they were done by someone with no experience. One vehicle has some sort of gunk (looks like grease) between the film and glass on two of the windows. The other vehicle is even worse. Three of the windows are not cut correctly and have either noticeable gaps between the edge of the window and the edge of the film or are not secured all the way to the edge (they look as if they are peeling at the edge but they looked that way from day one, so it's not peeling as they were never applied properly). Another one of the windows cannot be rolled up or down without a loud squeak, as a result of the film not being applied correctly at the base of the window (it looks as if it's peeling, but the windows dried for 14 days before I ever rolled them down). Additionally, I was never contacted to be told my vehicles were done. Total lack of communication on their end. I called three times (after I got my vehicles back and inspected them) and asked to speak to the guy who set me up with the tint, to discuss the poor quality work and was placed on hold three times (all for at least 5 minutes before I hung up) but never did anyone actually get me to the individual who I needed to speak to. Save yourself the trouble and avoid this place at all costs. They will perform subpar work and avoid taking responsibility.

These guys are the real deal...a real family run business comprised of a Father and his Son. This is all they do - window tinting and they are super good at it. They tinted my 2015 Ram 1500 in 2 hours. I literally thought it was going to be an all day process. What I liked most was the no frills nature of their pricing system - they were completely transparent (pun intended) from the start. They also took the time to go over all of my options providing me with how each would look. They also took me into the garage and showed how my tint would look once complete. Bottom line - they are the standard bearers for window tinting.

They had the lowest price I could find in the area and same day availability. They have all their prices listed on their lobby window so there was no fuss about that. My total came to $277 for all windows except the windshield. Friendly people, fine customer service. They say it takes about 2.5hrs, but ended up taking 4hrs. This is still fine because everyone else will quote you for at least 4hrs to start. You could tell that they really took their time and was careful, because the tint looks flawless. Smooth as butter. No cracks or bubbles. I would certainly recommend this place

They did an okay job, but scratched one window and there were bubbles in two windows. Mike installed the tint. I called him 6 months after install and asked him to look it over and to redo the two windows. He agreed. I traded the car before bringing it back. I bought a new car and called him to get a quote for the new car. He quoted me a certain price for two windows and moon roof. I went in and the price went up, without an explanation. I stated that he'd quoted me a certain price over the phone and he said he was sorry, but that was the price. So I scratched my head and said "I'll think about it" and walked out. I still didn't understand why he didn't honor his quote, truly no explanation given. I use local business' when I can and based on their reputation, I went with them. I was going to go back to them until I showed up and Mike changed the price he quoted me (significantly). So I went to a tint shop down the street and had the whole car done. I paid $220 for my entire 2016 Forester XT to include the moon roof. Mike wanted to charge me approximately $150 for two front windows and moon roof. Same tint quality and I even went a darker shade at Tint My Ride.

George was able to squeeze me in on a Saturday and did an excellent job on my 2016 Yukon. George is the owner, a nice guy, and top quality work. They even had me in and out in under 40 minutes.

Best tint in the Denver/Aurora area! I had my Infiniti Q40 tinted at Denver Window Tint a year ago and they did a great job. My girlfriend just purchased a new Infiniti Q50 and took it here yesterday to get tinted. George was very helpful on the phone as well as Michael. Both cars look great with no bubbles or wrinkles in the tint. They have a great selection of tint percentages to choose from and reasonable prices. Very friendly employees who will take great care of your car. Thanks Denver Window Tint, I will continue to refer my friends to you!

George is a professional at its best. The quality of work that he provides is outstanding. The product is A list and he gives reasonable prices and stands behind work. I'd recommend this place to anyone looking for quality places with good product. And if you have a problem, they are happy to work with you and have you leaving a happy and a satisfied customer. Besides, that's how good word gets around.