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Auto / June 17, 2020

My husband was interested in a security system, but I loved the idea of a smart home. suretyCAM set us up with a system we both love for both. Everyone at suretyCAM that we dealt with was courteous, professional and thorough and they had us up and running in no time. We know for a fact that they’re on the ball, having experienced super fast follow ups after 2 accidental trippings of false alarms the week after the installation, while we were getting use to arming while at home. We gave our password and relayed the false alarm message, but it was comforting to think how quickly the police would have been notified had the alarm been due to a break in. We also feel more at ease, knowing the activity at our house is accessible remotely. When we’re gone we can randomly turn the lights on and off to make it seems like someone is home, or let my Mother-in-law in to water the plants via the integrated smart door lock. I missed Jason’s training on use of everything, but it must have been clear and simple since my husband was able to relay it all to me later with ease. When our credit card was compromised after the Target hack, I called in and spoke with Brad, who made updating our payment information easy and quick. And when I called in again with questions about how to set up new notifications on my new phone, Jay was super friendly and very informative and helpful. Highly recommend the suretyCAM team for anyone’s security and automation needs.

Source: www.yellowpages.com