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Auto / November 12, 2018

Automotive tint for vehicle windows is made of durable polyester laminate which has been treated in one of many different ways to improve the performance and look of the windows. One side of the tint is scratch resistant and the other has an adhesive that bonds the tint to the window glass.

There are a wide variety of reasons that you should have tints installed in your car. One of the most important is that they effectively control radiant energy from the sun and keep it out of your car. The simple action of installing a tint helps to dramatically reduce temperatures in the vehicle, reduces glare and enhances outward visibility and virtually eliminates the dangerous, damaging effects of ultraviolet rays on upholstery and on the skin and eyes.

If you are concerned about having dark tinted windows in your car, don’t fret. It may come as a surprise, but the window film does not actually have to be dark in order to perform properly. It can be virtually invisible, offering all the benefits of harmful UV ray protection without a tinted window look.

By applying window tint to the glass of your vehicle, you’ll reduce the heat build-up quite a bit. This will ensure that your ride will be in maximum comfort. As an additional bonus, you won’t have to run the air conditioning as frequently as you would otherwise, thereby improving your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

There is an important difference between the factory installed privacy glass and high performance window film. The pre-installed privacy glass often doesn’t offer protection from ultraviolet rays. Pets and children, who are often passengers in the seats whose windows have privacy glass, are especially vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. It’s important to ensure that all the windows in your vehicle have computer cut window tint to ensure maximum protection.

CTX ceramic film is considered to be the highest quality window tint available for any vehicle. We offer a full supply of this and other window tints for any car. Stop in today and we will help you ensure that you, your children, your pets and your vehicle are shielded from UV rays.