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Auto Windows Tint Kit

Auto / May 4, 2018

Car Window TintingSnapTint DIY car tint kits are simple to install and affordable.

Using our library of thousands of makes and models from 1980 to present, we are able to pre-cut the window film precisely to fit every curve on your windows.

Simply wet the film and apply it to your windows. We provide detailed video instructions and professional tools to make this a one-day project. View our customer testimonials.

Save over $100 with our Tint Kit

SnapTint car tint kits cost $60 to $110 depending on the size of your vehicle. Tint shops charge from $200 to $350 using the same quality film we use.

Benefits to Window Tint

People have found that window tinting is not just about giving your ride more character, there are many practical benefits to tinting your windows. Some benefits include:

  • Avoid Overheating - Block 50% of heat
  • Skin Protection - Block 99% of UV rays
  • Accident Protection - Holds shattered glass
  • Enhanced Privacy - Protect your privacy
  • Safer Driving - Reduce glare from sun
  • Protect Your Car - Prevent sun damage

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