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Auto / May 8, 2021


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Shopping for new glasses I began wondering if it is possible for car makers to turn the rear and side windows as well as the top edge of the front windshield into a Transition type window that darkens in the sun? The advantage would be improved night time visibility compared to fixed window tint. If possible, it would initially be luxury cars only. But are there states with tint laws so strict that even this tint would be illegal?

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while it is possible, unless you have extremely poor night vision, legal tint works just fine at night. i have 35% front and 15% rear on my cars with no night vision issues, and my night vision is not as good as it used to be. the nice thing about tint is that it reduces glare which in fact helps night vision.

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Originally Posted by rbohm

i have 35% front and 15% rear on my cars

When you state *front* and *rear*, what exactly in your car is *front* or *rear* ?
Are you saying, your front windshield is 35% and your rear view window is 15% ? Why so little on your rear window ?
What percentage is on your side windows ?

Where I live, the windows on the driver's side and passenger side have a limit (dunno how much, but it isn't that much),
but the *front window shield* is *as is*.
The other windows, can be totally black if one would care to do so ...

On the subject of *auto-darkening* glasses, I have the same complaint as above.
Too slow to change ...
So, I went back to *neutral grey* on my *sun glasses*.

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Originally Posted by johna01374

I wear transitions lenses every day and from my experience there is one major issue with them thart would be problematic when used in auto glass. Tat problem is the reaction time. They darken quickly but take 20+ minutes to lighten up. Imagine driving into a tunnel or parking garage after being out in the sun. With the current coatings it would take forever for the glass to change.

I second that.
I drove into the PA Turnpike tunnel and I thought somebody had turned the lights out.
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